29th Forum of IOTA Principal Contact Persons “IOTA in 2022 – Back to the Future”

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The 29th Forum of Principal Contact Persons was successfully held by IOTA between 6th-7th April 2022 in Budapest as well as virtually via MS Teams. This Forum was the first-ever hybrid event in the history of IOTA and took the Organisation's activities to the next level. This year`s PCP Forum “IOTA in 2022 – Back to the Future” was opened by Alix Perrignon de Troyes, the Executive Secretariat of IOTA and focused on the forward look of the Organisation. The two-day hybrid event welcomed 25 participants gathering in person at the venue and 38 attendees joining digitally to the entirely new experience after two years of virtual operation.

On the first day, members of the IOTA Secretariat gave presentations during the plenary sessions on the following range of topics:

  • Draft Strategy 2023-2027, Alix Perrignon de Troyes, Roman Bichevoy
  • Update on Technical Activities Working Group, Eugenijus Soldatkovas
  • Update on Financial Framework Working Group, László Muzslay
  • Update on Communication Strategy Working Group, Erika Szabó

During the second day of the Forum meeting, the plenary session`s presentations ran under these themes:

  • Technical Enquiries, by Eugenijus Soldatkovas
  • Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance, by Roman Bichevoy, Johannes Stipsits, Oksana Stepanenko
  • Update on Development of IOTA Web Portal, by László Muzslay
  • Draft IOTA Code of Conduct, by Alix Perrignon de Troyes
  • Update on the Preparation for the 26th General Assembly of IOTA, by Eugenijus Soldatkovas
  • Induction Session for Newly Appointed PCPs, by Roman Bichevoy, Eugenijus Soldatkovas, Massimo Morarelli

In addition to the plenary sessions, each day of the PCP Forum included three parallel group discussion sessions at which both onsite and online participants could benefit from in-depth discussions on the specific aspects of the IOTA work. During the first day of the event, PCPs debated on the themes of IOTA Strategy 2023-2027, Evolution of Technical Activities and Adjustment of the Contribution System, while the topics of the second day`s group sessions revolved around Technical Enquiries, Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance and Code of Conduct.

After a Q&A session between participants and the members of the IOTA Secretariat, the hybrid event was closed by an Induction Session for Newly Appointed PCPs, as well as outlining the main conclusions and next steps to be taken based on the work presented and discussed during the two days event.

The presentations, group discussion notes, and the event’s full recording will be available soon for IOTA Principal Contact Persons on the event’s webpage.