Belgian Federal Service Finance will host events on innovation in the field of collection and recovery of taxes and fines

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The Belgian General Administration for Collection and Debt Recovery, part of the Belgian Federal Service Finance, will host three events on innovation in the field of collection and recovery of taxes and fines. 

IOTA workshop on Debt Management Performance Measurement, 19 April 2017
This workshop will be devoted to the IOTA project “Measuring Debt Management Performance” sponsored by Belgium. This project aims to identify practices in measuring debt management performance throughout IOTA membership and to provide suggestions to develop methodologies that clearly and accurately measure the impact of various debt management interventions. The project furthermore examines which indicators are key to measuring debt management performance and can therefore assist a debt recovery administration to improve its overall performance. The Belgian project team will present findings from analysis of information about existing debt management performance measuring models and approaches and will facilitate discussion of the draft report. The workshop will seek to verify findings and reach common agreement on the structure and format of the Report, based on the results contained therein, and the (best) practices. The outcome of the workshop will be included in the final version of the Report which intends to demonstrate how performance measurement indicators and dedicated IT programs can increase efficiency in the debt recovery process on an operational level. It will focus on the most relevant indicators to target groups of taxpayers and appropriate debt recovery strategies.

Meeting of the OECD Forum on Tax Administration – Tax Debt Management Network, 19 April 2017
The meeting will serve to discuss and further develop the activities of the the OECD FTA Tax Debt Management network.

OECD – IOTA – Fiscalis 2020 Programme workshop on "Innovation in the field of collection and recovery of taxes and fines", 20 – 21 April 2017
The workshop for officials deeply involved in the debt collection and enforcement practice and management level official (i.e. process owner, administrator, director) responsible for debt collection / enforcement operations will explore opportunities of using innovative techniques, offered by both the field of behavioural economics and information technology, for enhancing debt collection and recovery processes.

For further information, please contact the organising team of the host administration by sending your enquiries to Michael Roekaerts ([email protected]).