Best Practices for Improving Processes and Procedures in Tax Administrations

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The IOTA workshop on ‘Best Practices for Improving Processes and Procedures in Tax Administrations’ was held on 22-24 March 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.  A total of 36 participants from 21 countries took part in the event aimed at facilitating discussions on how to implement improvements to internal business processes and how to modernize tax administrations and make them more efficient.

Participants shared their experiences on the subject and demonstrated that by using relatively simple techniques, significant results can be achieved. By exchanging IOTA member experiences of business process re-engineering, from mapping, analysing, redesigning processes through to implementation and review of the process change delegates managed to collect useful information which can be used in their home administrations.

Participants had the opportunity to listen to the experiences of country representatives from Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, Lithuania, Norway, Ireland and Sweden who explained their plans and methods for improving processes. Norway for example, has shared with participants their experiences on ‘Continuous Improvement’ (CI) initiative and introducing lean methodology. Delegates continued work in group discussions where they deliberated issues such as how ‘Business Process Management’ is organised and coordinated in respective tax administrations, what methods and practices have been adopted to ensure that CI is a natural way of working and how to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the changes implemented.

Further information about the workshop including the presentations is available here.