"The Future of Eurofisc" - Workshop in Paris

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In the framework of the Fiscalis 2020 programme, a Workshop about “The Future of Eurofisc” was held on 12-13 June in Paris. Eurofisc – established by EU Regulation No 904/2010 - contributed since 2010 to detect and prevent cross border VAT fraud.

The workshop focused on the main challenges of Eurofisc, in particular as regards its governance, organisational and operational aspects. Innovative solutions that could be implemented to remedy the main issues and make Eurofisc more effective and efficient were examined.

Massimo Morarelli, our international tax expert, represented IOTA and illustrated in a plenary session of the second day of the workshop the IOTA activities in the field of combating VAT fraud.

In addition, delegates discussed in breakout sessions which aspects must be taken into account by policy makers to implement possible options enabling Eurofisc to reach its full potential and to deliver results expected by Ministers of Finance in fighting cross-border VTA fraud.