IOTA and World Customs Organisation (WCO) continue cooperation

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IOTA and WCO agreed last year to intensify cooperation. As part of this cooperation the two organisations decided to invite each other to their annual main topic related events. IOTA was invited as a WCO observer to the to the 215th/216th Sessions of the Permanent Technical Committee (PTC) of WCO on 3-7 April 2017 in Brussels.

Mr Mostafa Amini, IOTA Technical Taxation Expert attended two days of the meeting. The meeting offered interesting and relevant topics such as global value chains (GVC), blockchains, further cooperation between customs & tax administrations and e-commerce. Participants were eager to find out more about blockchains and curious about how to improve the customs-tax cooperation. The meeting provided the attendees with an update in the relevant fields and ensured consistency in the co-operation between customs and tax administrations, which will result in more certainty and predictability for relevant officials.


Mr Amini took the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest and ways of strengthening cooperation with representatives of WCO and extended an invitation to the 21st General Assembly of IOTA to be held on 28-30 in June in Kyiv and to IOTA’s VAT Fraud Forum planned to be held during the second half of 2017.