IOTA Executive Secretary’s visit in Netherlands Tax & Customs Administration (NTCA)

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Mr Miguel Silva Pinto, IOTA Executive Secretary paid a visit in Netherlands Tax & Customs Administration  on 20 -21 April 2017.


Executive Secretary, accompanied by Mr Mostafa Amini, Technical Taxation Expert and the International Team of the NTCA updated each other about current activities and future plans. Different aspects of both party’s work were also presented and discussed. In a meeting with Mr. Jaap Uijlenbroek, Director General of the NTCA IOTA developments, the cooperation between the two organisations and the new strategy of IOTA were briefly discussed.


IOTA Executive Secretary was also invited to take part in the directors meeting segment. Mr Miguel Silva Pinto delivered a presentation about the latest IOTA developments, the current program, challenges that tax administrations face and the cooperation between the NTCA and IOTA. Mr Mostafa Amini briefly shared with the attendees his responsibilities and work accomplishments within IOTA, and expressed his gratitude towards the NTCA and IOTA.


It can be concluded that the meeting was a success and both the NTCA and IOTA look forward to future collaborations.