IOTA is a founding member of the Network of Tax Organisations

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In the margins of the 52nd General Assembly of CIAT, the Executive Secretary of IOTA signed the MoU that establishes a Network of Tax Organisations (NTO), a new network of regional and international organisations of revenue administrations created to provide a forum for cooperation and coordination among its members. The other members of the NTO are ATAF, ATAIC, CATA, CIAT, COTA, CREDAF, PITAA and WATAF. IOTA will be a member of the Council of the NTO, together with other 4 regional tax organisations. Mr Marcio Verdi, CIAT’s Executive Secretary will be the Head of Council for the first year of the NTO mandate.

IOTA’s Executive Secretary also participated in a debate with representatives from other regional organisations, members of the NTO, where he had the chance to talk about the services and products IOTA offers to its members and what can the benefits be of strengthening relations and exchanges amongst regional tax organisations at wider scale.