IOTA in the OECD Capacity Building Week

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Roman Bichevoy, IOTA’s International Taxation Expert, represented the organisation in the Capacity building week in OECD on 19-21 February in Paris, France. This was a series of meetings organised by Global Relations Programme (GRP) and Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) of OECD.


Roughly 50 representatives of tax administrations, regional tax organisations (RTOs) and international organisations as well as OECD multilateral tax centres attended each day this conference. The purpose of this meeting was to improve coordination in capacity building efforts of OECD countries. Different programmes within OECD have indicated the growing need to improve their cooperation with RTOs, and specifically, with IOTA.

On February 20th Roman presented IOTA at the panel moderated by Bob Hamilton, Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency. The panel also included presentations from IMF, World Bank and International Tax Compact.