IOTA Presents at Digital Economy Taxation Conference

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The Digital Economy Taxation Network (DET) was established in 2017 as has grown itself into a renown forum that brings together governments, businesses, international and regional organizations and academia to discuss and assess the latest developments in digital tax transformation. The aim of the initiative is to bring the most out of the ongoing digitalisation of tax policy and tax administration by undertaking collaborative research.

The high-level online DET Conference, part of the Tax and Technology Series, was held 14th-15th December 2020 and ran under the theme ’Digitalisation of the Tax Function: The Perspective of Business and Tax Administration’. During these two days, the focus of discussion was on how technology can help businesses and tax administrations in reaching better and more efficient tax compliance.

Contributing to the discussion of the topic, Massimo Morarelli, International Taxation Expert at the IOTA Secretariat, gave a presentation during the session ’Using New Technologies to Improve Existing VAT/GST Systems’. Mr. Morarelli spoke about digitalisation and tackling VAT Fraud from the IOTA perspective and presented about those events organised by IOTA which contribute to developments within this field.

The same session also welcomed speakers from the European Commission, CIAT and panellists from the Italian Revenue Agency, Vienna University of Economics and Business, just to mention a few.

By creating a platform where experts can discuss the role of technology in creating better tax compliance, the aim of the DET is to get a better understanding of challenges, opportunities and the potential of tax authorities and businesses in facilitating tax compliance and advancing tax policy responses. IOTA is honoured to play a role in such developments not only by offering our own platform to facilitate dialogue on these topics, but also by sharing our experiences at international conferences such as the DET Conference.

You can find out more about the DET under this link.