IOTA Webinar on Optimisation of Tax Declaration Processes for Individuals

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On 17 May 2023, IOTA accomplished another impressive digital event. The Webinar on “Optimisation of Tax Declaration Processes for Individuals” welcomed a distinguished group of speakers from IOTA member administrations such as Estonia, Finland, Greece, and Italy along with a large number of attendees in the virtual space. This event brought together over 100 tax officials from 26 IOTA member administrations, who had the opportunity to learn about the latest experiences, share best practices and deepen their knowledge of tax declaration processes for individuals, as well as build a valuable network during the IOTA Webinar.

Over the last decade, the concept of pre-filing of tax declarations for individuals has significantly simplified and improved the process of filing and declaring personal income tax and the overall process of managing its assessment, payment, and collection.

Tax administrations continuously strive to improve and optimise the process as also automate the procedures and data exchange, making it better and more effective for the clients and the tax officials who are dealing with it.

This IOTA webinar explored new methods for optimisation and streamlining the tax declarations processes for individuals by identifying the latest digital solutions that IOTA member tax administrations are using for the pre-filling of income tax and social contributions declaration forms, including the communication channels and types of prefilled information.

The following IOTA member tax administrations reflected on the topic with their engaging presentations:

  • Estonia: “Optimisation of Tax Declaration Processes for Individuals in Estonia” presented by Annika Oja;
  • Italy: “Pre-filled personal income tax returns: an important challenge for Italy” presented by Vincenzo Papaccioli
  • Greece: “Pre-filling of income tax declaration forms” presented by Elissavet Forouli;
  • Finland: “Pre-completed Tax Return in Finland” presented by Johanna Korhonen

Webinar participants could raise questions during the Q&A session, as they also shared their views and reflected on the poll questions during the digital event. All the materials and presentations are now available, while the event recording will be provided soon on the event’s webpage. This webinar was moderated by IOTA International Taxation Experts Massimo Morarelli & Eugenijus Soldatkovas and was broadcast live from the IOTA Studio in Budapest, Hungary.

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