IOTA Welcomes New CPS Specialist

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For the second time in 2020, IOTA has completed a successful recruitment process to fill the position of Communication and Publication Specialist in the Secretariat. Ms. Adrienn Juhász has joined the IOTA team on 12th October, starting her onboarding from a home office environment.

Adrienn completed her university degrees in Business Administration in The Netherlands. After graduating, she gained work experience in the field of marketing while living in Munich, Amsterdam and Nairobi. As she has been employed in the public sector before, Adrienn is also familiar with the organisational structure of non-profits such as IOTA. She enjoys being a part of multi-cultural teams and has a great interest in the field of communications and publishing, which is why she applied for this position.

With her aim to make the communication strategy more vibrant and efficient, Adrienn is looking forward to supporting the Secretariat’s work program and activities moving forward.