IOTA workshop: Tools for Monitoring e-Commerce

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55 participants gathered last week from 33 IOTA member countries in Budapest to discuss the collection and use of data, intelligence and analytics to tackle tax non-compliance and evasions in e-commerce activities.  The “Tools for Monitoring e-Commerce” IOTA workshop was held on 13-15 November 2018 where IT experts and developers in the field of tax data and tax auditors using IT tools for monitoring e-commerce activities shared their experiences. The workshop was organised in partnership with the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary.

During the workshop participants discussed and exchanged views on the newest IT tools for structuring data/preparing data for analysis (preliminary analysis) and presenting results and evolutions as dashboards/datamining/webscarping/social network analysis. During group work sessions delegates focused on issues such as assessing the relevance of third-party data for risk analysis, crawling software, especially in connection with data protection regulations, cooperation experiences in the field of e-commerce, particularly exchange of views in the cryptocurrency sector.

This workshop was a follow up to the IOTA workshop “Ensuring tax compliance of digital economy operators” held in Budapest (13-15 March 2018).

More information about the “Tools for Monitoring e-Commerce” workshop, including the post-event report and all presentations, is available HERE.