IOTA Webinar on Implementing Culture of Change in Tax Administrations

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IOTA’s Webinar on Implementing Culture of Change in Tax Administrations was held 11th December 2020. 120 participants from 31 IOTA member countries learnt from three Heads of HR of IOTA member Tax Adminstrations, who shared their experiences on how to successfully develop and implement a culture of change within organisations.

At this Webinar, three heads of HR of IOTA members shed light on practical aspects of developing and implementing a culture of change in the organisational culture of tax administrations.

The Webinar comprised of three presentations, namely from HR heads of the Austrian, Finnish and Estonian tax administrations.

The first presentaton by Karl Wappel, HR Director of the Ministry of Finance of Austria, focused on the modernisation of tax- and customs administration of Austria. Besides talking about concept of organizational culture, he also discussed the modernisation project’s goals ad implementation, the latter comprising of 6 steps.

The next presentation was about working toward a customer oriented tax administration in Finland, presented by Pirta Karlsson, HR Director of the Finnish Tax Administration (FTA). In her presentation she explained that it is crucial to realise that operational changes in an organisation go hand in hand with change of the organisation cultureThe aim was to create a more agile, self-directed work culture, where teams work together and where leadership plays a key element in directing teams towards working out their own solutions

The third presentation of the webinar came from Piret Põldre-Vahurr, Head of HR department at the Tax & Customs Board of Estonia and it discussed ’Changing with Change: Reflections and Learnings from Managing the New Reality’. She explained that there were 4 components of improving team engagement and evolving culture during the pandemic: leadership, trust and psychological safety,  continuous learning and shared purpose and values.

The recording of the Webinar as well as the full presentations can be accessed by IOTA Members via the event page.