The Italian Revenue Agency's Serbian language tutorial on how to obtain the tax identification number

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A new youtube tutorial of the Italian Revenue Agency in Serbian language “Entrate in video” is available on how to require the tax identification number for foreign citizens. The video was realized thanks to the cooperation of representatives of Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia visiting  the Italian Revenue Agency, as part of Fiscalis 2020 Programme. Communication activities and service offered to taxpayers were at the center of the three days meeting held in Rome from last 22 to 24 November. A benchmark experience, related to the fact that Serbia has recently set up a five-year plan to transform its own tax authority, which provides, among other things, the creation of a specific internal structure dedicated to services.

How to obtain the Poreski identifikacioni broj - In the Youtube video a Serbian Tax Administration official explains what the Tax Identification number is, how to require it and which documents are needed to receive it. The tutorial also provides useful information on what to do in case of mistakes on the tax identification card or in case of loss or theft of the card. The official also explains how to receive the Poreski identifikacioni broj directly from abroad, applying for it to the Italian consular authorities in the Republic of Serbia. This new tutorial is the third video, realized by the Italian Revenue Agency in a foreign language, with the aim to help foreign citizens to get this important document needed to access to Public Administration services. The first two ones were realized in English and Spanish, thanks to the cooperation of  a representative of the Spanish Tax Agency.

A three day meeting focused on social media, service charter and multichannel assistance – The first day of the meeting between representatives of Serbian Tax Administration and Italian Revenue Agency  was dedicated to the presentation of the Italian  Revenue Agency's organization and communication activities, focusing on the goal to redesign  the role and the image of the Italian tax authorities as partner of honest taxpayers. An ongoing process aiming at establishing a cooperative relationship and a mutual trust with taxpayers, also through the use of a simplified language and providing services and information to social media users (Youtube, Twitter and Facebook). In the following days, the focus of the visit was purely on services. The second day was dedicated to the tasks and activities of the Central Directorate for Tax Management, to the structure and distribution of services at the local level, to the services charter and customer satisfaction, to online services and prefilled income tax return. In conclusion of their visit, on the third day, the Serbian delegation went to the Multichannel Assistance Center of Rome to have a direct experience of how telephone, sms and email assistance work.