New Executive Secretary Joins IOTA

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As of 1st September 2021, Alix Perrignon de Troyes joined the IOTA Secretariat as Executive Secretary and will hold the position for a three-year period until 2024. She was elected by IOTA member tax administrations at the 25th General Assembly on 1st July. Mrs Perrignon de Troyes takes over the position from Acting Executive Secretary Eugenijus Soldatkovas, who now resumes his duties full-time as Manager of the IOTA Work Programme.

Before joining IOTA, Mrs Perrignon de Troyes worked as a Public Tax Accountant at the Directorate General of Public Finances of France, where she was the Head of the Departmental Tax Unit for SMEs located in an important Tax directorate. Thus, she had an internal experience in managing a team and is deeply concern for performance management. She had also a broad international experience, working as main expert or being resident twinning adviser in Eastern countries. She is very keen on cooperation with others through building relationships based on trust and open dialogue.

Now, as Executive Secretary of IOTA, Alix Perrignon de Troyes looks forward to maximizing the performance of the Secretariat team, while simultaneously promoting the organisation’s actions and contributions in the international tax field.

There are team members from 8 different countries working at the Secretariat. Have you worked with such an international group before?

As a resident Twinning adviser and main expert in Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia I was used to work in a multicultural environment and did my best to make the experts from different cultural background cooperate and deliver high quality services.

What value(s) do you think IOTA brings to its members?

As a global platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and best practices on tax administration matters, IOTA is a perfect vector for the members when seeking for collaboration or sharing of experience to address new developments and to meet the key emerging challenges for tax administrations.

Furthermore, IOTA has developed cooperation with various international organisations which provide technical assistance to tax administrations worldwide. Memoranda of Understandings have been signed with CIAT, the European Commission and OECD.

Recent activities include technical assistance programs, peer-to-peer exchanges, and international engagement with networks – pro-actively pointing to the challenges faced by their member administrations with regards to ongoing developments in tax administrations.

What do you hope to achieve during your 3-year term as Executive Secretary?

IOTA is a leading tax organisation in facilitating the exchange of views and experiences in practical tax issues in the European region and central Asian countries but it should have more visibility in the international surroundings and to meet the challenges of the modern era (digitalized economy and administration…) in the context of post pandemic. I am committed to making IOTA more visible to its own members and to the other stakeholders.

My priorities towards the Secretariat are to manage a team in optimal working conditions in order to improve the functioning of the SEC especially in a post pandemic context (challenges related to remote working, digital collaborative tools to develop, new hybrid operational mode to set up…) but also to be able to implement strategic policy for the organisation. Overall, to create the right conditions for employees to perform in a good and friendly environment based on motivation and engagement to help each other. As a team, the staff of IOTA with their multicultural background should be proud to work together for the common good of the organisation. I will take special care of the reputation of the team towards the members.

Welcome to IOTA and to the IOTA Secretariat, Alix!