Portuguese Tax Authorities Launch a New e-Fatura (e-invoice) App

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It was announced on 9 February 2021 that the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) has created a new official e-fatura APP which is available for download from the Android and iOS App stores.

Through this application for mobile devices, consumers may classify issued invoices with their TIN and can also keep track of the amount of benefits accumulated with the invoices. It is also possible to register invoices immediately by reading the QR code that is printed on the invoices. 
The launch of this App is one more step to promote digitalization and simplicity in the relationship between taxpayers and Tax Administration.

Main dates of the PIT season:

Up to 15 February, taxpayers must register or update data on the household and on the long-term rental contracts.
The registration or confirmation of invoices issued in 2020 must take place up to 25 February 2021 and can be done through the Tax Administration’s Portal or the new e-fatura application, so that the expenses associated with these invoices are automatically considered in the pre-filling of the PIT declaration.

The period for submitting the PIT declaration, or confirmation of the automatic declaration, will take place, as usual, between April 1 and June 30.

The timetable associated with the PIT campaign also provides that between 16 and 31 March taxpayers may check the deductible expenses and claim, if they detect any omission or inaccuracy in the expenses or in their calculation, for general family expenses and expenses with the right to deduct VAT from the invoice requirement established by AT. 

In the case of expenditure on education or health, homes or housing, taxpayers may correct the figures established by AT when submitting the annual PIT statement, indicating the figures they consider correct in Annex H. This possibility for the taxpayer to refuse the amounts established by AT, if they do not coincide with the invoices in the taxpayer's possession, implies that the latter must be kept for at least four years. The submission of the personal income tax return takes place from April 1 to June 30 and the refund or payment of the tax is due on August 31.

This news has been published at the Tax Authority Facebook page.

APP’s may be downloaded @
Android: via Google Play store
iPhone: via the App store