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Use of techniques and modern tools for Big Data processing

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IOTA, in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration, held a workshop “Use of techniques and modern tools for Big Data processing” in Bern on 11-13 December 2018 attracting over 60 Big data project managers, IT specialists, analysts and data scientists from 36 IOTA member tax administrations.

The world is experiencing the effects of the evolution of big data. Tax administrations accumulate enormous amounts of data. The combination of connecting data, process automation and innovative analytics capabilities are dramatically reshaping the way businesses – and tax administrations – operate. Rapidly emerging technologies make it possible to collect, store and analyse more and more data, which often are continuously and real-time available, extracted from a great variety of sources.

Following the publication of IOTA Good Practice Guide on Applying Data and Analytics in Tax Administrations, Big data remains a hot topic for IOTA member tax administrations.

Participants learned about the modern IT tools for structuring and preparing data for analysis coming from taxpayers, intermediaries, platforms, third parties, social networks and many other sources.

This workshop was also aimed to offer some insights into the latest big data solutions and successful projects implemented by tax administrations in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands for managing compliance risks, detecting and fighting against tax fraud, influencing compliance behaviour and improving customer services.

This IOTA event fostered discussions over the prerequisites that are necessary to start a successful big data project, including its impact on the infrastructure (software and hardware) and workforce in the tax administration, and helped to identify the main challenges and risks faced by IOTA members in implementing big data tools.

Further information about the workshop is available HERE for IOTA members.