Past events

4 Dec. to 6 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary
Gaining a greater understanding of the BEPS implementation process and sharing experiences and solutions to counter BEPS

The Forum on Implementation of Measures to counter BEPS is an important platform to discuss and share strategies and the practical application of working methods and tools developed to counter BEPS.

3 Dec. to 4 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary

Preparatory Group for the 26th Forum of Principal Contact Persons (PCP) is established to ensure that the interests of IOTA PCPs are properly represented in developing the Forum's agenda.

26 Nov. to 30 Nov.
Budapest, Hungary
Developing knowledge and practical experience in relation to (re)solving tax treaty-related disputes under the MAP

The joint OECD-IOTA training event specifically designed to develop both knowledge and practical experience in relation to (re)solving tax treaty-related disputes under the MAP.

21 Nov. to 23 Nov.
Budapest, Hungary

This Steering group meeting will prepare the new IOTA Human Resources Management Forum to be held in 2019.

13 Nov. to 15 Nov.

The workshop will focus on newest IT tools for structuring data/preparing data for analysis and real-time identification of potential risk.

7 Nov. to 9 Nov.
Yerevan, Armenia
4th Regional Meeting of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS for EECA countries

The meeting is a key element of the Inclusive Framework, enabling EECA countries to discuss implementation of the BEPS package on a regional basis and feed their perspectives into the global dialogue

24 Oct. to 26 Oct.
Lisbon, Portugal
Tax Administrations and the challenges of the digital world

Looking at the new digital challenges of the 21st century, Tax Summit brings together tax administrations from all over the world to discuss and reflect on the challenges of taxing the digital economy

2 Oct. to 4 Oct.
Budapest, Hungary

This special interest workshop will explore the possibilities of applying the machine learning methods in tax administrations .

2 Oct. to 4 Oct.
Athens, Greece
Automated debt collection and recovery solutions

The meeting will discuss how IOTA member tax administrations are using data and advanced technology to transform debt collection and recovery operations

26 Sep. to 28 Sep.
Rome, Italy
2018 FORUM THEME: Future challenges in tackling Cross Border and Digital VAT Fraud
12 Sep. to 13 Sep.
Budapest, Hungary
25 Jun. Bratislava, Slovakia
29 May. to 31 May.
Warsaw, Poland

This year’s TPLD Forum will focus on solutions to closing the gaps in training and development programmes.

23 May. to 24 May.
Tbilisi, Georgia
8 May. to 10 May.
Budapest, Hungary
Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) Training for IOTA members

This workshop will facilitate IOTA members to gain knowledge about the TADAT methodology enabling them to improve and monitor performance in their own organisation.

25 Apr. to 27 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary
The Steering Group assists the IOTA Secretariat in preparing AEOI Forum meetings and monitors the work of the Forum
24 Apr. to 26 Apr.
Tbilisi, Georgia

This IOTA workshop will address the latest developments and the future of taxpayer services, use of cutting-edge technologies and new methods to deliver e-Services.

12 Apr. to 13 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary
Kindly note that the registration form for this event is available on the event page for Workshop 1.

The contents and target group for this workshop are the same as for workshop 1 on ISORA (please see event page for Workshop 1).