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IOTA's latest Newsletter 1/2019


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New Communication Specialist on board

From 17 June 2019, Dorottya Vannai joined the IOTA Secretariat...

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3rd Meeting of the IOTA Forum on Implementation of Measures to Counter BEPS

57 participants from 30 IOTA member countries, OECD and representatives...

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IOTA broadcasted its first webinar on New challenges and ways to enhance taxpayer service in the digital age

On 29 May 2019 the first IOTA webinar ...

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Organisation of Call Centre Structure in IOTA Member Administration - IOTA Workshop

IOTA Workshop (AD1_2019) Organisation of Call Centre...

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The Executive Council of IOTA shortlisted two candidates for Executive Secretary and endorsed the Budget and Work Programme proposals for 2020

The 116th meeting of the Executive Council of IOTA was hosted in Berlin on the 13 and 14 May 2019 by the Tax Department of the German Federal Ministry of...

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Peter Poth is back to IOTA

After a hiatus Peter Poth is back to the IOTA Secretariat as the Web and Database...

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e-learning about IOTA

The IOTA Executive Secretary – Miguel Silva Pinto - was a panelist at a Webinar...

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IOTA launched a new Forum on Human Resource Management

As part of currently holding the Presidency in IOTA, the Federal Public Service Finances of Belgium hosted the first meeting of IOTA Forum on Human Resource Management in Ghent on 9-11 April, 2019...

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Invitation to the 23rd General Assembly by the President of IOTA

Mr. Hans D'Hondt, President of IOTA kindly invites you to the 23rd General Assembly on 2-4 July, 2019 held in Brussels, Belgium. 

This year we will discuss how tax administrations...

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