Digital Meeting of Steering Group of Human Resource Management Forum

The Steering group will conduct a virtual meeting to prepare HRM Forum and related activities in 2020.  The mandate of the Forum for the 2021-2022 will also will be discussed.

Induction Webinar for the Newly Appointed Principal Contact Persons of IOTA

This webinar will offer attendees the opportunity of learning the basics about IOTA and its key operational areas, and exploring the role of Principal Contact Person in coordinating the work of IOTA in tax administration.

Receipt Lottery – Tax Compliance Initiative in Latvia

In the six months since the kick-off of the Receipt Lottery, organized by the State Revenue Service of Latvia (SRS), a total of almost 9 million receipts have been received.


ISORA 2020 completion and data usage - Workshop registration now open

We are pleased to invite delegates from your tax administration to a two-day training session on the collection and use of ISORA (International Survey on Revenue Administration) data. The workshop is co-organised by IOTA and the OECD FTA (Forum on Tax Administration) and hosted by the Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA).

The purpose of the training session is to:

Published: IOTA Report on Optimising the Process of Handling MAP Requests

The Report was published on 31 January 2020. It was prepared by Subgroup 2 of the IOTA Forum on Implementation of Measures to Counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). 

“CHANGE IS WINNING CONTEST" - Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority

Tax and Customs Authority from Portugal has joined MUDA – the Movement for Active Digital Use to promote the participation of the Portuguese into the digital world and help them to take advantage of the benefits associated with digital services.

The “Change is Winning Contest” is an initiative that aims to encourage the adherence to digital services provided by the different Entities Adhering to the Contest with the aim of promoting a more active, informed and responsible digital use by citizens.


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