Webinar on Delivery of e-services to Taxpayers Affected by Covid-19

Discover best practice examples of redesign and delivery of e-services to different segments of taxpayer community that have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak



ISORA 2020 completion and data usage (joint OECD - IOTA event)

Training for coordinators on the use and collection of data for the International Survey on Revenue Administration (ISORA 2020) for new ISORA participants.

Meeting of the Steering Group of Forum on the Use of Data from Automatic Exchange of Information

The Steering Group will review and update the Forum's Mandate to reflect priorities and objectives for 2021-2022 and begin preparations for the Forum meeting scheduled to take place in October 2020.

Update on the issuance of tax residence certificates by the Spanish Tax Agency after the state of alarm period

In view of the satisfactory results obtained with the issuance of the tax residence certificates through the electronic office during the alarm period, the Spanish Tax Agency has decided to extend the use of this method to the new normal phase.

FINAL! OECD Publication: Tax Administration Responses to COVID-19 - Support Taxpayers

This final report is an updated version (v3.0) which includes all the data from the previous report and also further responses received from OECD, IOTA, CIAT and  FTA members, 63 countries in total.


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