Digital Workshop on Management of Compliance Risks Posed by Crypto-assets and Virtual Currency

The workshop will aim at increasing the knowledge of managing the compliance risks of virtual currency, especially concerning the practical use of innovative technologies and performing various data analytics related to operations with crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies.

Case Study Workshop on Practical Application of Cross-border Insolvency Procedures

The Case Study Workshop will provide opportunities for debt collection officers to get acquainted with methods of acting successfully as a creditor in cross-border insolvency procedures.

Human Resource Management Forum

The 4th IOTA HRM Forum will focus on approaches to collecting, processing, and analysing HR data to improve decision-making, intelligently preparing the future  workforce and ensure data-driven decisions in all HR-related domains. 

Forum on the Use of Data from the Automatic Exchange of Information

The meeting of the IOTA Forum will address key issues helping to ensure the effective use of the CRS data and increase the effectiveness of automatic exchanges of information under CRS.

Annual International Conference

The Conference will offer an opportunity for the exchange of practical ideas about achievable hybrid transformation that works for the entire tax administration recognising how every operation and function connects and designing the change the organisation needs while understanding the costs and consequences, delivering the technology, skills and spaces needed.


Forum on Communication “Building trust in tax administration”

The purpose of this year’s Forum is to enhance the cooperation among IOTA member tax administrations in order to build a network able to exchange knowledge, best practice and experience in the field of communication.

Tax Debt Management Forum

The meeting of the IOTA Forum on Tax Debt Management will cover strategies, working plans and methods, and best practices on effective debt management during high-impact events.

Behavioural interventions in payment notifications

Fundamentally, the field of behavioural insights is focused on understanding human decisions and behaviours, then leveraging those insights to design practical policies and interventions. Regarding tax administration, it can be beneficially applied to a wide range of areas, from taxpayer services and enforcement to internal topics such as employee engagement and productivity. Promoting and encouraging taxpayers’ voluntary tax compliance is key to efficient tax administration.

6th IOTA Talks

IOTA Talks is a regular digital event designed for PCPs and Shadow PCPs aiming to give a better understanding of decisions made by the Executive Council, forthcoming events and other IOTA activities. The 6th IOTA Talks will focus on the outcomes of the 130th Executive Council Meeting held on 9-10 February 2022.


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