Tax & Crime - Illicit Financial Flows: the Impact on Tax Administration Activities and Best Practices (NTO webinar)

The webinar will focus on themes such identifying and addressing new forms of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs), Illicit Financial Flows and their impact on tax administration activities, strategies and preventive measures against the grey economy and financial crime.
The webinar will have an introductory overview of NTO and the topic of Tax and Crime, followed by input from NTO members and tax administrations and a final discussion and Questions & Answers (Q&A) session.

1st IOTA Talks

IOTA Talks is a regular digital event designed for PCPs and Shadow PCPs aiming to give a better understanding of decisions made by the Executive Council, forthcoming events and other IOTA activities.

Webinar on Implementing Culture of Change in Tax Administrations

The main objectives of this webinar are to share and discuss the approaches to:

  • managing changes in the organisational culture caused by the COVID-19 crisis
  • promoting and improving corporate identity during the crisis
  • introducing a digital era and remote work (work from home) in organisations that have the culture of traditional work environments
  • reorientation of the tax administration performance model using the information and communication technologies

Forum on Combating VAT Fraud

The Forum will focus on:

  • New VAT fraud trends
  • Future risks as consequence of Covid-19 and new auditing and controlling activities in VAT anti-fraud strategy

Human Resource Management Forum

This Forum will explore best practices and forward-looking solutions in staff involvement, engagement and motivation as well as leadership and management during remote working 

Communication Forum

The main aim of the Forum on Communication is to share knowledge and experiences between IOTA member tax administrations to identify and exchange best practices on the field of Communication.

Webinar on Delivery of e-services to Taxpayers Affected by Covid-19

Discover best practice examples of redesign and delivery of e-services to different segments of taxpayer community that have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak




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