Forum on Communication

The Forum will focus on new digital communication channels and how to measure the effect and impact of these communication tools.


Tax Debt Management Forum

Tax administrations will share their tailored approach to decreasing tax debts in the period of global crises

Digital Workshop “Using Unstructured Data to Improve Compliance Risk Management in Tax Administrations”

The main objectives of this event are to share IOTA members` practices and lessons learnt in storing, cleansing, classifying and analysing unstructured data to support compliance risk management and tackle tax fraud and error.

This Workshop will focus on:

Webinar “International Approaches to Virtual Currency”

The Webinar will focus on sharing the IOTA members` knowledge of virtual currency, the latest trends and the use of virtual currency data.

27th General Assembly of IOTA - “Transformation of the International Tax System and Tax Administrations”

The 27th General Assembly of IOTA will focus on the changes in international law, technology, and business models that are causing unprecedented disruption to Tax Administrations as they adapt to the digital world.

Forum on Combating VAT Fraud

The purpose of this year’s Forum will be to identify new VAT fraud trends as well as to exchange knowledge and good practices among participating IOTA members on handling concrete cases of organised cross-border VAT fraud.

Webinar “Optimisation of Tax Declaration Processes for Individuals”

This IOTA webinar aims to explore new methods for optimisation and streamlining of the tax declaration processes for individuals by identifying the latest digital solutions that IOTA member tax administrations are using for the pre-filling of income tax declaration forms.

Webinar “Use of Big Data and the Deployment of Analytics”

This IOTA Webinar will provide an opportunity for the IOTA member tax administrations to discuss the approaches they have used to combine big data with advanced analytics technologies to support compliance risk management and share lessons learned.



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