Tax Debt Management Forum

This meeting of the IOTA Forum will focus on the identification of the successful exit strategies for debt collection and recovery, new recovery measures, including enhanced risk analysis methodologies and redesigned segmentation and profiling of tax debtors in order to minimize the impact of the crisis and prepare for the possible challenges in post-pandemic period.

Workshop on Improving Communication Strategies and Customer Service towards International Taxpayers

The workshop will be on identifying practical solutions for enhancing services to international taxpayers implemented by IOTA member tax administrations, focusing on front-end initiatives – segmentation, direct/proactive communication, application of nudging techniques.

Regional Consultation for Eurasia on Developing Countries’ Progress in Strengthening their Tax Systems and Recent Developments on Addressing the Tax Challenges of Digitalisation (joint OECD-IOTA event)

This joint regional event with the OECD will be a consultation on BEPS covering the current work of the G20/OECD Inclusive Framework towards consensus based solutions for the digitalisation of the economy, as well as progress by developing countries in strengthening their tax systems. 

4th IOTA Talks

IOTA Talks is a regular digital event designed for PCPs and Shadow PCPs aiming to give a better understanding of decisions made by the Executive Council, forthcoming events and other IOTA activities. The 4th IOTA Talks will focus on the outcomes of the 126th Executive Council Meeting held on 26-27 May 2021.

Video event on Employee Well-being During Remote Working

In the framework of activities of the IOTA Forum on Human Resource Management, the IOTA Secretariat with the support of the Forum’s Steering Group and contributions from IOTA member countries prepared a video on the subject of Employee well-being during the remote working.

NTO Tax & Covid-19 Peer-learning: Rethinking Communication Strategies and Relations Between Tax Authorities and Taxpayers

As countries take on tax policy and administrative measures to address the Covid-19 crisis and its economic consequences, the adjusting of processes and the enhancing of communication strategies and tools, to ensure that taxpayers are well informed have become even more relevant than before.

25th General Assembly of IOTA

This year’s General Assembly is going to bring together the commissioners of IOTA member tax administrations along with the representatives of international organisations, businesses, academic society, etc and to foster debate about the challenges of using data in the fight against tax evasion and aggressive tax planning

Particular focus of the Technical Session of IOTA General Assembly will be on:


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