Forum on Combating VAT Fraud

The purpose of this year’s Forum meeting is to identify new cross border VAT fraud trends, share with the participants concrete VAT fraud cases involving digital platforms, cryptocurrencies, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and alternative payment platforms etc…

Webinar on Identifying and Addressing Corruption Risks in Tax Administration

The IOTA webinar will offer opportunities for IOTA members to share good practices and efforts to prevent corruption and identify measures and methods to fight against corruption

Workshop on Tax Gap Estimation and Use – Latest Developments

This workshop aims to identify practical solutions for enhancing tax administrations' capacity in measuring tax gaps, with the final goal of improving their performance.

Workshop on Facilitation of Taxpayer Touchpoints

The digital workshop will share member experiences and strategies to improve and/or reduce unnecessary taxpayer touchpoints. 

Workshop on Latest Developments and Best Practices in the Use of E-commerce Monitoring and Investigation Tools

The workshop will seek to identify and promote solutions maximising access to and use of data, intelligence and analytics to conduct the real-time identification of potential risk and promptly tackle tax non-compliance and evasions in e-commerce activities.

3rd Regional Consultation on BEPS for Eurasia

The meeting will discuss further developments on addressing the tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy.

Workshop on Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tax Administrations

The Workshop will share member experiences of development, implementation and the use of AI in the field of taxation.


Workshop on Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies

The workshop will focus on how to collect relevant information concerning economic activities based on cryptocurrency transactions, data on cryptocurrency assets and how to develop appropriate compliance programmes and audits strategies.


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